Planning Permission Newcastle

When it comes to most kinds of building work, there are various regulations and laws that must be obeyed in order to ensure that the project can run smoothly and safely. One of the major things to think about is planning permission. If you’re planning to renovate, construct or extend a property, it is imperative that you check you are complying with the relevant planning rules, otherwise you could run into some very costly and time consuming problems further down the line and could even end up having to demolish the work that has been done.

It can seem daunting to work out what type of planning permission you need and figure out how to apply for it, particularly if you have never had to deal with these types of issues before, but help is at hand. When you are working with a company who possess in depth knowledge of the architectural process and the legalities that surround it, your task becomes much easier.

At North East Plans, we can help you obtain the correct planning permission in Newcastle and the North East so that your building project can go without a hitch. Director Mick Sheldon is a qualified architectural technologist with more than 40 years of experience in both the private and public sectors. He has worked extensively with private architects and North Tyneside Council on a wide variety of different projects, which means there is a wealth of experience and knowledge behind the company which only serves to benefit clients.

Whether you’re planning to renovate or alter an existing structure or create an entirely new one, we can offer all the help you need to deal with the essential details that make up a successful project. Planning is of course the key to creating useful, beautiful and practical structures and we are the perfect choice to help you with this, carrying out feasibility studies, design services, project management and more.

We specialise in commercial development, housing and educational structures of all types and sizes, from the smallest tasks to the largest and most complex construction projects taking place throughout the entire North East region. From the first design stages to the completion of the actual construction work, we can oversee and manage your project effectively and honestly. Make sure to consult us before embarking on your North East building project and you can expect excellent results.