Completing your Building Regulations application

Building Regulations are designed to improve safety standards by setting out functional requirements for various aspects of a property including its design and the materials. Access issues are also considered so that the finished building can be accessible to everybody. Environmental factors like energy efficiency and soundproofing might also be included.

When you construct or do alterations to a property, you need to ensure the work complies with current Building Regulations, regardless of how large or small the project. Projects can include everything from extensions to removing walls to open up spaces. In almost every case you’ll need to submit an application; there are only a small number of exemptions. Loft conversions are usually classed as permitted developments but you still have to comply with regulations and submit your plans. It is important to remember that the Building Regulations and Planning Permission are not the same.

In Newcastle, submitting your Building Regulations application can be done in two ways, either by printing off the forms or completing them online with Submit a Plan. You’ll need to determine whether you are required to provide a full plan or if a building notice will suffice. Notices are quicker but usually only apply to small work that doesn’t affect the front of the property, drainage and fire safety precautions. With full plans you need to submit them in a timely manner so they can be properly considered and agreed before your project is due to start.

Deciding what type of submission you need and completing the relevant forms can be difficult but you can always call on a professional architect to help you. We offer a wide range of architectural services in Newcastle, and we can handle Building Regulation applications and ensure you provide all the necessary information. We have the experience of working on a wide array of different projects so you can trust us to deliver the best service.