Determining whether a project is feasible before you start

When you plan any architectural work, you should always have a feasibility study conducted during the design phase to ensure your ideas can actually be brought into reality. The study will determine if your project is technically feasible and whether it can be completed within your budget. Ultimately it will highlight the scope of the work so you can get an idea of what you can and can’t do. With this knowledge you’ll be able to shape the design and get started with the next stages.

Feasibility studies can help you to save money because you’ll avoid mistakes and investing in things you can’t do. With the report provided after the study you can get a clearer idea of the estimated construction costs and the timeframe for the work. This information means you’ll have a better idea of what to expect so you can plan better and reduce the risk of wasted money.

The one downside of the study is that it shows what you want to build but not how to go about the construction. For this you’ll need additional help and guidance, possibly even input from a builder and other specialists. Whilst checking the feasibility of ideas drawings will be produced but these can lack many of the engineering specifications. An additional final design with all of this additional information on will be required before you can move on to the construction.

Determining whether or not your ideas are feasible before you invest a great deal into the project is a very good idea. The formal study should be done by a trained specialist with the skills and experience to produce a detailed report.

We provide a wide range of architectural services in Newcastle and throughout the entire North East region. Feasibility studies are a major part of our service, and we can conduct them for projects in both the public and private sector. Whether you’re planning a domestic, commercial or public project we can work with you and provide all the advice and support you require.