Understanding the importance of planning

Obtaining planning permission can be a long process but is essential, even if you choose not to act on it immediately. A piece of land becomes a building plot when the permission is granted. This means it will command more value than it would if it was just a field. Many investors will choose to buy land that already has a building permit because they know that it can be developed. Speculating can be risky, because there can be problems to overcome when applying for permission.

The planning process has become stricter in recent years after the Government introduced new regulations to reduce the time it takes to make decisions. The new speed means that a decision should be made within eight weeks, but it also limits the ability to negotiate. Traditionally planners would look at amended plans, but now they are less likely to do so. This means you need to be more hands on to avoid a straight rejection. It is better to track your application and withdraw it if there are issues before a final decision is made. This will let you adapt the plan and resubmit it.

If you are considering developing a piece of land or expanding your property, it is best to get advice before you rush into applying for permission. By consulting an architectural specialist, you can give your plans additional scrutiny and make changes that are deemed necessary before you submit them. This will improve the likelihood of them being accepted. A specialist with knowledge and experience of the local area can provide a great deal of help and insight, especially if they have been through the process before.

When you complete a planning application you need to ensure you include the right information and be completely transparent about your plans. Remember when permission is granted you won’t be able to change your mind and decide to use different materials or adapt any dimensions; you’ll need to follow your plan to the letter or you could fall foul of local councils or authorities.

At North East Plans we can support you with completing a planning permission in Newcastle and the North East. We possess extensive experience in and around Newcastle and have been involved in both the residential and public sectors. Whatever your plans we can help you to shape them and complete essential applications.