Putting a project out to tender

Architectural projects are faced with a wide range of challenges, whether they are new builds, extensions or renovations. One of the biggest is budgeting and ensuring there are enough funds to complete the job to the highest possible standard. In order to budget effectively, it may be wise to put several aspects of the job out to tender so that businesses can submit their proposals. This will give you the opportunity to see what different companies can offer for your money and will let you compare quotes.

When you start contacting businesses to invite them to tender, you need to ensure you provide the relevant materials. In order to deliver accurate quotes, providers will need to see copies of the architectural plans and structural calculations. This information is integral and should be presented in a clear manner to prevent confusion and misquotes.

If you want to ensure the quotes are like for like you should also ensure you prepare a detailed schedule of works to go alongside the plans and calculations. The schedule will detail the hours of work, length of the contract, the standards that are to be met, relevant deadlines and other important information. Providing the details will help companies to understand your requirements and structure their quotes. This should help make comparing them easier.

A formal invitation to tender letter should accompany all of the relevant documents. The letter should explain more about your project, state the address and list your contact information. It also needs to include an invitation to visit the site and discuss the project with your further. Remember this is your chance to impress the companies with your ideas and encourage them to want to participate.

At North East Plans we offer help and support for clients preparing to tender a project. We have extensive experience in the area and can streamline the process for you. This is just one of the architectural services we offer to clients; we can also help with designs, project management and planning permission in Newcastle and throughout the surrounding areas. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs with a locally based specialist.