Understanding the particulars of planning permission

We are often asked about planning permission, including the precise details and the kinds of architectural projects that can be permitted to go ahead without it. Many people have concerns over planning permission, the appropriate application methods and the possible penalties if they fail to acquire it prior to starting work.

When permission is not obtained due to refusal or failure to apply, this is commonly referred to as a “planning breach”. This is also applicable when a development or project that was approved with certain conditions has at some point broken these conditions, thus invalidating the permission.

In some cases, a retrospective application can be made. This involves applying for permission after work has begun or been completed and local councils will often give the go ahead after the fact. However, this is not an advisable route in many cases. If the application fails, it means that it would have failed originally and the council can present you with an enforcement notice which requires you to restore the site, location and structure to its previous state. Naturally, this results in a substantial loss of money, time and resources and is something everyone wishes to avoid. Additionally, if permission is denied and work goes ahead this will also result in a breach.

Any project that involves the creation of a new building or the renovation or extension of an existing structure will require planning permission. There are many factors that are taken into consideration, such as previous planning decisions, noise, traffic implications, loss of privacy, layout, density, design and more. Once planning permission has been granted, you are free to begin work.

We have extensive experience in this area and can handle every type of planning application in Newcastle and the surrounding areas for our clients. We aim to ensure your projects run smoothly from start to finish and we offer a fully comprehensive service. We have extensive knowledge of the complexities of planning applications and will always submit the right kind of application for your unique requirements.

We can assist with all commercial, residential and public planning applications. We also provide our diverse customer base with a full service including feasibility studies, design services and complete project management. Contact us today if you would like to start discussing your project.