Understanding the importance of planning

Obtaining planning permission can be a long process but is essential, even if you choose not to act on it immediately. A piece of land becomes a building plot when the permission is granted. This means it will command more value than it would if it was just a field. Many investors will choose to buy land that already has a building permit because they know that it can be developed. Speculating can be risky, because there can be problems to overcome when applying for permission. Continue reading

Trust your home renovations to our dynamic team

As part of our architectural services in Newcastle and the surrounding regions, we regularly carry out private renovations and extensions, and we know the importance of putting together a well structured project. Domestic renovations need a skilled and experienced specialist with the capacity to carry out high quality work, and this is exactly what we can provide. Our services are underpinned by comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience. Continue reading

Supervising and managing projects

Whether you’re creating a brand new build or having an extension created for your property, it is important to ensure that every stage of the project is run as smoothly as possible. The primary way of doing so is to have a professional team supervising and managing all of the works being carried out. We specialise in all kinds of architectural services in Newcastle and throughout the North East, and will ensure that all of the work being carried out on your project is completed to the highest possible standards. As a fully qualified architectural technologist, Mick Sheldon can provide you with a fully comprehensive service. Continue reading

Tendering an architectural project

When you plan an architectural project you may find yourself in the position where you need to undertake tendering and allow contractors to submit their applications for the job. The process can be complex, but it is important as it lets you get an idea of what each company can bring to the project and what they will charge you. Weighing up each proposal and deciding which to go with is a challenge but you need to overcome it if you want to get the job underway. Continue reading

Trusted Newcastle architectural specialists

If you are considering a domestic renovation or extension, you need the peace of mind that you’re working with skilled and reliable architectural specialists. When you place your home in our hands we have an obligation to respect it. We specialise in architectural services in Newcastle and the North East, and we deliver high quality workmanship while approaching every project with full professionalism. Continue reading

Carrying out feasibility studies

We offer a whole host of architectural services in Newcastle and throughout the North East, and we pride ourselves on covering as much of the process as possible. From the actual design of the project up to managing the building or renovation work as it is carried out, we can be by your side every step of the way. We personally specialise in educational and housing construction, as well as commercial developments. One service that we offer, designed to aid new builds substantially, is carrying out feasibility studies. Continue reading